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German Shepherd Puppies

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German Shepherd Puppy Frequently Asked Questions


Is it important that German Shepherds come from imported bloodlines?


Many German Shepherds are imported from Europe since the standards of breeding are strongly regulated there, to insure the integrity of the breed.


How big will a full grown German Shepherd get?

Males usually stand 24-26 inches, whereas females are typically an inch or two shorter.  A muscular adult German Shepherd usually weighs between 75-85 lbs.

What are typical colors for German Shepherds?

Common colors are black and tan, black and red, black and cream, and black and silver.  The pattern of the colors usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Saddleback: Black overlays the dog's back and sides, like a horse saddle. 

  • Blanketback: Black extends further down the shoulders and hips.

  • Bicolor: All black with markings on the face, neck, chest and legs.

In some cases, a German Shepherd's color is considered "sable."  This is an overall shade of red, grey or gold with black-tipped fur.

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We offer German Shepherd puppies for sale nationwide.  If you are looking for a german shephard breeder and wish to pick your pup up here in New Jersey you can drive or fly from nearby states such as New York Delaware Connecticut Rhode Island Vermont Virginia Illinois Ohio Pennsylvania PA or Massachusetts.  Our German Shepherd puppies may also be shipped nationwide to Texas California Arizona New Mexico Florida Montana Oregon Kansas Oklahoma Colorado or to cities near Trenton NJ in New Jersey.